Adzilla not connecting my domain

I followed the steps in Module 2 for adding my domain to Adzilla twice and when clicking on “Domain” it still says it is not connected. Also, when entering the domain chosen in Adzilla it is giving me an error of “secure connection failure”.

Can someone help me with this?
Thank you

I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve emailed [email protected] on Saturday with the same issue, have not heard back as of yet and just re-emailed them. I’m hoping to learn how to maneuver and use the Adzilla application however there doesn’t seem to be very much information outside of the small video in module two and two replays from December 2022 to help us with this application. Does anyone know where we can learn how to use the Adzilla platform so we can start being profitable?

Not sure how to proceed at this point as it was mentioned that Adzilla will be the application utilized, so do we just continue to wait around or are we supposed to use Bluehost and other applications to build our business?

I went through the same issue and spent hours trying to resolve. I ended up going to Bluehost - I’m constantly getting security cert errors with the adzilla domain. Also, SASP admins do not seem to monitor any of these forums. They really need a MOD if they are going to have a forum; given the cost of this product, but alas, it seems hardly monitored. My suggestion is make google your best friend, do bluehost domain, and avoid adzilla.

I have the same issue. It kind of seems like Adzilla is an incomplete project at the moment.

Also, I agree with needing a moderator.

Feeling frustrated with this myself. They’ve changed systems and left us with no training, apparently. Kind of hard to believe. Anyway, I’m stuck on module 2. Is there anyone who can help me? Happy to pay for coaching.

I’m not finding any help at all. Looking for a coach to help me get through module 2. Happy to pay for help.

I also need help with module 2…anyone willing to coach me for a fee?

I am also having the same problem. I don’t know how to complete the other modules since the assumption is that you have completed the previous module.

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I just went ahead anyway. Apparently, I will not learn how to do Google display ads in this program, as promised. Kit

I’m having the same problem, i just messaged my coach this morning and I’m waiting a reply i hope i get one

It must be nice to have a coach. I can’t even get into my courses today. Kit

hi kit i will help you when i can, my husband and i figure its a software malfunction on their end. I still cant make prgress either

hey kit did you get help yet

Hello everyone. I just wanted to add that I also had issues with certificate invalid issues when adding a domain. I clicked “contact us” on the main SAS dashboard and submitted a request. I let them know that I was having certificate invalid issue with domain. I received a response and fix the very next day. I hope this helps anyone still struggling with this frustrating problem. @drkitkotler @ceceliastoutjesdyk @kateterry6

same here, what a rip off

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Im beginning to wonder if all these frustrating issues are somehow built into the software to encourage us to get into the 1on1 program (very spendy)

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here it is august and im having the same problem with no support

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Hi All,

Did anyone get any solution from the support team regarding the issue faced. I’m also in the similar situation and my domain is throwing an unknown error.

If anyone has resolved this issue please let me know it would be of great help to me.

Saravanan S