Adzilla error, MODULE 2

Hey guys been stuck in module 2 on the adzilla part for 3 days. I created a domain and waited a day for it to register but when i try to view the “SAS Survey pre sell page” from steps
-adzilla site
-Landing pages

  • all pages
    -SAS Survey
    I get an error from cloudflare.

What should I do?
I do not know how to contact cloudflare.
Do I need to make a new domain?

I just talked to my coach for the first time and there is a technical problem in Adzilla they hope to have fixed today.

Thanks for sharing that info

Hi shuntrell1000

I am glad to see another new member who has encountered THE EXACT SAME problem with SAS Survey pre sall page steps on Adzilla site
I have been stuck in Module 2 for a couple of weeks.

My coach created a NEW SAS SURVEY AND ATTACHED MY CLICKBANK ID. However he explained too quickly and i missed it. The SAS Survey on Module 2 was outdated. I am not sure of how to update it and attach your clickbank ID. You may need to talk to a mentor.

I am going to have another meeting with my mentor and ask him to explain it all over again. I will let you know how it goes

Thanks guys!, yeah i’ll talk to my mentor as well.

Did you get your adzilla account fixed?

There’s hope for this module. After being stuck for almost a week, and on the advice of my coach, I watched the archived webinar from February 29 which covers in great detail everything about setting up a landing page in Adzilla. My frustration nearly melted away after going through this. The next two webinars should also be helpful. I’m about to start those: March 7 and March 14. Good luck!

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