Adwords reports and stats

Hi guys, Is there any place in the course, where it teaches how to read our results from our adword’s campaigns?
I’m wondering what numbers we should be looking for when it comes to good/bad ad results.

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@sandralittle55 I would look at my CTR(click-through rate). It helps determine both my ad rank and my cost per click. The higher my CTR in Google Ads, the better my ranking and the lower my costs. If I remember it right, @IlyaG in one of his weekly webinars said about CTR to be above 5%.


Sandy, join our Thursday Live webinars, we often go over some results both on adwords and clickbank, and talk about their meaning, and best practice to improve them.

In a nutshell:
Ad Clicks - 1-10% across networks (for YouTube 1% is awesome for ex.,for Google we aim at 4-5%+)
Presell page CTR (offer clicks) (10%-30%)
Order Form CTR (10%)
O.F.Impressions (From clicks on hoplink) - 10%
Conversion Rate (from clicks on hoplink) (1%- 10% ) - NOT LESS THAN 1%!


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