Adwords conversion pixel

Hello, sas family. I have followed John’s steps and I have done exactly what he was doing but in the last part when I activate the green button in my market place information it does not play and it is blank whereas John’s one it fills up details like hop link. Please help.

@nuurka114 Can you click the “edit” tab and enter the info?

The green button to “Activate” is found in the Integrated Sales Reporting" Tab, I watched the video again and I don’t see the screen your on come up in that video…maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing? Your trying to activate the tracking that he explained in the adwords conversion pixel video correct?

Hate for you to have to do it all over again but perhaps the tracking information/ID you entered into Clickbank from Google was not correct and therefore will not upload and show “Active” like it does here? Not sure if I’m being of any help to you…I just finished this video as well so it was fresh on my mind. Hope this helps!

@nuurka114, you can check this link and review/rewatch the replay on the live webinar about setting up Google conversion held on the 30th of January. I hope this helps.