Advice? Suggestions?

How’s it going everyone? So far I’ve spent around $370 to promote SAS and haven’t received a sale yet. I’ve done about $200 on FB, $100 on YT, $40 on Bing and $30 on Google Ads.

I created a couple new ads on FB and I’ve been able to lower the CPC to about $1.75 but it hasn’t had as much traction as my first ad that was around $3.50. I’m also working on lowering the CPC on Bing and Google.

Anyone have any advice? How much should I be spending on CPC on Google and Bing? I’ll keep advertising and learning, but I’m about to run out of money for ads.

Also I am targeting Desktop computers on all of the platforms.

Thank you for getting back to me. The 1st FB Campaign I put together I did a split test and eventually erased it because it kept getting flagged. It took some digging to find the ad that I deleted but I noticed one thing that I didn’t do compared to my newer ads and that is I didn’t create a lookalike audience and spent about $145 that weekend.

I’m about to lose my job next week (nothing shocking, it was a temp job) and I’m working my tail off to get another job so I can continue my PPC journey. If I don’t get a job, I’ll have to put a hold on my PPC Campaigns until I’m employed again. (or maybe use a credit card? :grin:)

haha well, just make sure in the job interview to don’t tell them that you have a business on the side.

They ardently hate that haha, I kid you not.

That won’t work, and I say that from personal experience.

But yeah, the magic of this business is that you can put your campaigns ON the Sundays @9pm into the next Sunday @9pm. So it works for you in autopilot, it makes results while you sleep. Meanwhile, you do a temporary physical job easy.

That’s my strategy. All I think about is the maths about scaling exponentially if I’m profitable, and testing that week-to-week.

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Hey Inaki!
You sound so good in controlling your emotions etc. My condition is more or less like David. I’m out of cash actually. What is your suggestion, hoe do i set my budget for my ads etc? Please i need guidance too as i’m kinda green to all this.

appreciate help

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Hi there Inaki!

first of all i would like to thank you so much for taking your time to write to me. However, there are some parts i don’t really understand (it’s the most important part i believe). I really really hope you can explain more when u said:

non-profitable campaign that create profitable with low initial risk? Please teach me how to do that. Sorry, i’ve really zero knowledge and experience.

continue to have a profitable campaign for free…

what do u mean by scientific system? how do i do with that?

how do you plan your financial when u said take a calculator?

Please, please explain more of all of the above. I can feel some benefits of all ur suggestions.

Thank you