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Hello! So… two days ago I decided to experiment with Brain Training 4 Dogz. I’m going to post everything I did and the results for roughly 30 hrs of ad spend (I wanted to target 24 hrs but I got home late). Anyhow… here is my existing infrastructure.

I have a wordpress website with the domain 10K-Months.Com. It is structured as an MMO blog, so an article there about Dog Training would be incongruent. Instead, I created a Facebook Page called Smartmutt Training, and I created a subdomain called “Smartmutts”, which I then linked to clickfunnels. My domain also has a self hosted autoresponder.

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Here is the mindmap to the funnel:

So… the plan is to have facebook ads that point to an advertorial, in Clickfunnels. This advertorial has 4 possible branches.

Branch 1 has ONE link that points to the original article on the product website… which then points to the product sales page, which then goes to the checkout page.

Branch 2 goes to the Squeeze Page (I used my own design). Clicking on virtually any image or link in the main text would bring the visitor to this page.

Branch 3 and 4 are buttons at the end of the advertorial. Branch 3 goes to the Product Sales Page and Branch 4 goes to the Checkout Page.

The Advertorial can be found at: https://smartmutts.10k-months.com/advertorial
The Squeeze Page Can be found at: https://smartmutts.10k-months.com/good-boy
The Thank You Page Can be found at https://smartmutts.10k-months.com/ebook-on-its-way
The Product sales page with my money link is https://10k-months.com/main/cb-bt4d
and finally, the checkout page with my money link is:

Each page is coded with Clickmagic so that I could track links. Here are the results as far as Clickmagic is concerned:

However, my clickbank results don’t quite match

I don’t have much experience correlating data … but it seems to me that of all the people who were shown my ads… 1074 people clicked it, and ended on the advertorial page.

From the advertorial, 105 clicked an image or link that led to the capture page… and of those, only 10 people actually opted in because they reached the Thank You Page.

From either the advertorial, the capture page or the thank you page, 5 people clicked on the green button (checkout page) and only 1 clicked the orange button (official product page). When I check my autoresponder this is what it shows:

Which is right on point: 10 Thank You Page impressions means 10 people should have opted in. There were no sales done… however the 10 that opted in will get a 7-day email sequence that will point them back to the Product Sales Page with my money link encoded.

In my opinion, these are dismal results… and I would love input on how this could have been improved. I dont really know much about affiliate data analysis… but it seems to me that out of 1074 people who saw the advertorial, only 10.22% were interested enough to click on something that led to the optin page. Then… of those 105 people only 10 ACTUALLY opted in… that’s 9.5% optin rate. I think I recall john saying a proper optin rate should be at 30%?

Anyhow… so those are my results from my facebook ads as far as clickbank and clickmagic are concerned. In my next posts I will post my Ad information, hoping for some input.

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Ok and now … here is the experimental part. Bear in mind… I am on week 2 … so I have not gone through the FB Ads section yet.

The first thing I did was contact the wonderful support staff at Brain Training 4 Dogs. I explained to them that I was John Crestani’s future favorite student, and that I would be starting to promote their product. Would they happen to have targeting data I could use to build a custom look-alike audience, please?

“Why, yes, yes we do”, they said. So, I shared my Business Manager Account and they proceeded to share the data with me.

I created two ads, 1 using an image and 1 using a video. Here is the info on the Image Ad:

This is the saved audience I used thanks to Calum Jones…
And here is the expected audience it should provide

And, here is the Video Ad:
This was the targetting data used for it:
And this is the audience that ad was expected to reach:

Here are the combined results for these ads in about 30 hours (maybe even more, but less than 48 for sure)

So … my ad was impressed 24.8K times… and it reached about 21.2K people. (I don’t understand the difference between these two… but Week 3 opens tomorrow, so I ill find out then). Anyhow, I digress. According to FB - a grand total of 1685 people clicked my ads. That means my ad’s combined CTR was like 7.8% (which is terrible, this should have been about 20-25% right?)

Individually though… the video had a 7.9% CTR rate and the image had 7.8% so I can’t say one was superior to the other.

According to Facebook - 1685 people clicked my ad… but clickmagic says that of those clicks only 1179 actually landed on my advertorial. Where did the other 500 clicks go?

The Cost Per Click turned out to be pleasantly small… but still waaaay above the 0.05 cents I thought it would turn out (.10 and .16 respectively).

The total ad spend for a bit under 2 days, with a daily budget cap of $50.00 ended up being $202.20; and the net result was 10 optins… so I ended up paying Zuckerberg, 20.22 per optin, for 10 optins.

Compared to Solo Ads, where I paid 40 cents per click, and got a 36% optin rate, meant I only paid about .51 cents per optin…

So my conclusion is: (1) Facebook Ads suck… or (2) I suck at Facebook ads. Anyhow… at the very least I can say that I did not Fail to Try, right Sarah?

No feedback? Tips? Advice? What could have made this cheaper and better @John_Crestani?

Hello Victor, first of all good job on all the testing and the work you’re doing, this is a sure way to success.

Secondly, maybe @smuszindustries.com can comment on your numbers, as our advertising coach.

Thirdly, I am no advertising expert but I am doing affiliate marketing for a while as part of the SAS team and am promoting this product myself, I’ve made 7 sales so far, with a very moderate conversion-oriented promotion (Google Ads). I’ll try to comment on what you are describing but please do bear in mind that it would be more of a personal take & opinion, than that of an expert and/or representative of John’s views.

Also as a disclaimer, I never used Clickmagic, therefore I won’t be commenting on its quality or any discrepancies it has with CB, I don’t want to misinform you nor speculate.

My only opt-in attempts were made with the two following products: A forex indicator for 100$ ad spend & the dog training Ad on Facebook, with a budget of 25$ only. I offered a free Forex EA (Robot) that I coded myself as the freebie for the first opt-in, and the Ebook I’ve provided you with for the Dog training. My Opt-in rate for the Forex robot was 4%, namely I got 214 Clicks and 8 or 9 opt-ins. For the Dog training it was 6%, I think around 165 clicks and 10 or 11 opt-ins.

To comment on your first post, around 10% click-through rate and a 10% opt-in rate are actual some damn good results! 30% (per your message) is an absolutely insane opt-in rate which I have never seen.

I mean, Victor, check this out (Average Facebook CTR for different industries):

Yours is 10%! So saying “only 10% were interested enough to click on something” is very wrong my friend. More like “A booming 10% were interested enough to click on something!”.

And then opt-ins?
That’ll be an ad conversion rate (Conversion being submission of information in our case).
Look at averages of E-Commerce sites:

How do you compare to that? You’re above.

Hey, here’s Some Landing Pages (like yours) opt-in averages:

How do you compare to that? Still above.

So, it is all a matter of budgeting, correct targeting, limiting daily budgets, testing ads, etc. Sorry that I couldn’t contribute more.

Ilya… first of all thank you so much for commenting, and thank you so much for the useful information and pep talk.

The thing is… other than this forum… I really don’t have anyone I can ask and I was hoping that the program was more interactive and that John himself would actually participate in the forum, commenting on people’s ads and what not.

For instance … I am always seeing people talking about facebook ads, how great they work and that they are getting super low CPC’s … to the tune of 5 to 10 cents. Mine were over $3.50 EACH. To me, that represents dismal results… and I just thought that there would be more “coaching” to help us optimize our ads in real-time.

Now optins and email lists aside … the heart of the SAS system is to leverage paid ads to drive sales… For instance, in the webinar, John shows a “live example” where he turns on a campaign for a Christie Brinkley skin cream … spends $182.00 and grosses about $800.00. The ad has horrible, horrible results… out of 10,000 impressions, only 277 people clicked it (2% conversion), and of those, 25 people bought it (10% sales conversion). 25 out of 10,000 people who saw it … thats 1/4 of 1%… and STILL… he grossed $800 in commissions and profited just over $600 in an hour. In all honesty, THAT’S why I signed up. I wanna learn to do that. Week 3 is pretty far from those results.

Anyhow again … THANK YOU so much for your explanations… I really wish that the people that have run successful campaigns were more involved in the community and pointed out errors and best practices… and don’t worry, I understand that everything is trial and error … but people learn by observation … and I would appreciate the program more, if rather than just showing landing pages and resources … more examples of market research, audience fine tuning and ad optimization were shown. The videos are nice but somewhat generic and focused only on SAS… whereas I think John should really provide examples of the other two niches as well (Health and Personal Development).

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