Adjust the lander

Seeing great future potential in MT, once it is up and ready for real.

As of now, here are three things I believe that many agents would love to do, if it was possible:

  1. Manually adjust the lander. (For example, my lander is at Would love to be able to add other images, text, and so on.)
  2. Create my own landers outside of and send my customers directly to the optin through an affiliate link.
  3. Able to create tailormade ad videos that are highly targeted for my clients, and insert them into MT.
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Hi @stelars. These are great suggestions.

I will forward this to our dev team to consider and add to our roadmap.

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Thank you Lizette,
Would be great to work with MT in niches like kitesurfing, skydiving, waterslides and water parks, and much more.