Adding captions to FB video ad

Hey! When setting up my FB video ad, the only option I have under captions is “upload SRT file” - there’s no option to add captions automatically.

Any suggestions as to how this might be resolved?



Not sure? It should let you automatically generate captions, but if it doesnt i dont think its much of a big deal, i dont generate captions for most of my ads.


OK, thanks John. I see the video you have provided has captions built in anyway.

Really enjoying the course so far - thanks so much!

I’m confused. I don’t see any video that John provided for setting up the FB ad, for the format section. Please tell me where I can get that. In the video, John just says upload a video and then skips over that…? What am I missing? Thank you.

Apology…asked too soon. John instructs to go to Ad Swipes in Resource Center. Sorry for the bother.

Yes, I too have the same issue, could not find the same video.
Also cations " upload SRT file" !