Ad approval issues

There are any number of things which can cause an ad to be disapproved (even after it’s been running for months) or cause an ad account to be suspended. “Irregular” account behavior, billing issues, violating the TOS or advertising policy of the ad network, etc.

Also important to note, if you are working with a brand new ad account, it’s important to know that your account is being monitored a bit differently than one which has been active for a while without any issues.

The other key item to point out is that these ad platforms are becoming more and more intelligent and are constantly learning (yes, learning) about the advertisers, ads, audiences and interactions on their ad networks. When we rely on their platforms, we are also at their mercy.

In this program you are being instructed on how to use specific tools and techniques to sell products online. A crucial part of that is using these ad networks successfully, and that means working within their ever-changing constructs.

Google is a bit more relaxed than Facebook when it comes to scrutinizing ads in different categories, so if you are struggling with Facebook, I suggest you focus on getting really good with Google Search and/or Display ads. Or try Bing, or Yahoo or another network which you might like better.

The key here is to TRY THINGS. John’s course is fantastic at teaching you how to do what has made him successful. And a huge part of what made him successful was his ability to learn and then apply when he had learned. It’s the same for everyone here.

If an ad isn’t getting approved for whatever reason, then try something else! Change the image, change the text a bit, change the targeting a bit or create your own keyword list based on your own additional research.

If a network sees and influx of ads with the same ad copy, images, targeting, etc. there is a high probability it will begin regulating those ad accounts and may ultimately begin rejecting or disapproving repetitive ads.

As marketers, we have to get accustomed to such changes and restrictions, and be able to respond and adjust quickly and effectively.