Account suspension

After completing the Google Ads module 4 I set up and created a Google display Ad, and Google search Ad that have begun to work well.
And after completing Youtube Ads module 5, I also set up and created Youtube video Ad.
In all these campaign were to promote Sas Survey
Yesterday I received this:
“Your account is suspended - Your account has not complied with the rules regarding system bypassing.
Your account is suspended - We have detected suspicious payments in your account”
How to proceed?
Need help.

ive also receive an your account is suspended from google after following the week 4 module step by step the message says your account is suspended because it violated the circumventing system policy after following step by step on how to do it. How do i get the suspension lifted?

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Hi @tanya.m.lindsey, can you send me an email to [email protected] and let me know what steps you have taken already regarding your Google ad suspension for me to help you on this.

hello I’ve just sent an email to you through the support site.

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Hi @tanya.m.lindsey, I have replied to your email. Have you already filed an appeal for your google ad account?