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John this is really great. My first ad was approved and my display add is under review. Man if I make my first sale I shall shout it out from the roof tops. I’m on my way to the next video.

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Being the impatient person that I am (I 'm improving), I’m somewhat disappointed at how long it takes for Google to review items. One of the images was not approved so I removed it, now it’s taken 3 more days and it’s still not approved. I’m frustrated that my ad is not showing because of an image. I want to push forward and go to Week 3. Urrrgh!

Week 2 was so exciting and then, WHAM, it slow to a snails pace while you’re waiting for Google ads to approve not only you ad but the images as well. I had 1 image not approved, so I thought I’d simply remove it (there I go thinking again that I should do something different). All it got me, was another 2-3 days of being approved again.
So,( minus a few pulled out hairs) I’m still waiting.
I’m so eager to get to Week 3 that this is like torture for me having to wait, wait, and wait.
So to all my fellow community member, have a lot of patience and use your time productively and wisely while you wait.
Check to see how your Facebook Ad is doing and the stats. that go with it.
Good luck to you. May you find patience and success to Week 3. S.H.

@Pusansk mam sometime it takes time usually google approves the ads 3 to 4 days sometime its longer so don’t worry be positive.
Wish you the best of luck and Godspeed in the realization of your goals.

Thank you very much and much continued success to you! S.H.

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I have completed all the videos before WEEK 2 and clicked on every complete button after a video and I am also a member of the super affiliate system but still doesn’t let me continue onto WEEK 2 of the course anyone know what’s wrong?

Hi All,

Can I use the SAS survey presell 2019 to promote different product e.g weight lose etc…
Your advise is highly appreciated,

Thank you

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My Presell page up and running. Moving on to my next Project!!

i am having the same issue. wont let me go onto week 3.
@Cole104mckenna did you get this resolved ? i am going to emial support to see if that is the trick.

hi guys, i have a question can someone help me please. I set up my presellpage with the manual method so should i set it up again with clickfunnnel method?

the course is weekly base. if you finish 1 week course early like 2 days, you have to wait 4 days extra to start 2 week course. hop it is help


Do we need to use Blue Host to set up our website?



Hi Jasphil here. Congrats for your google ads approval.