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Hi, John and Crew!
I’ve completed the six week SAS program and have also completed ALL 6 Badges.
Your course and your support team have been so incredibly helpful, in a way that no other system out there has done (and I’ve done a few), in enabling me to set up my business all the way from start to finish.
Now it’s up to me and I know I will be one of the successful WOMEN within your success team.
And, although I can’t afford to have 1-on-1 coaching right now, I’m speaking that I will (before this year is out)!
I am, however,a member of the Inner Circle and do my utmost best to attend the 1-on-1 meeting calls. To be able to get that specialized training/suggestions directly from you is worth every penny I paid for the course even outside of the course itself.
Thank you for sharing, educating, and encouraging those of us who are fulfilling a dream of being a successful, money making, online marketing entrepreneur!
Yours Truly, Susan Haselwood

The YouTube video I found very informative was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ68RuCkBmQ

While there are many that could be named, this discussion of giving something free to encourage the person to come back for more is a concept that seems to be often forgotten. I know it’s used by some for leads but otherwise, free content that’s of actual value seems to be forgotten by many.