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I am happy someone text savvy because I am not one of them all week long having problem with my iPad and I am using this business with but again thank you and aloha from Purvis Grice

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Hi everyone.

I really would LOVE to understand the functionality of Promoting Local businesses.

I’m seeing that there is no profit by putting the Landing Page that the Software makes for the local one.

On the page i don’t see any buttom or click where takes the custumer to our ClickBank products or to any purchase.

There is a daily budget and i can not understand HOW can i be able to convert.

Blessing for all.

Marketingtech has nothing to do with Clickbank. It is a separate software that automates advertising for local businesses. It is really that simple.

You promote your landing page to local businesses and try to get them to sign up for the software. You then earn commissions for the revenue generated from each business you sign up. 20 per cent if you are a free user, and 30 per cent if you are a paid member.

Hope this helps

I’m in pretty specific niches like kitesurfing, skydiving, and mastiff dogs.

Can I adjust any templates you have and niche to these locals?

(Would be awesome if I could market specifically to kitesurfing schools, skyviding dropzones, and mastiff breeders.)

Well at the moment marketing tech is designed to market to any local business and is not designed to be niche specific. But you sure can promote the software to the kitesurfing and skydiving businesses. In fact I have been told, a business in the baseball classes niche had huge success when they signing up to marketingtech. So I don’t see why it would be a problem in your niche.

Sounds good Yunis! I figure that the premium version of the marketingtech.io is included for SAS members, or do I need to cough up the $997 per year fee?

I’m really ready to get started and contact over 2.000 local businesses in my niches (or even better, they coming to me).

Edit: I just got a reply from Customer Service at MT and they confirmed that the premium version is included for SAS members. That’s brilliant! I’m all set to go.