About solo ads week 1

hey everyone, I am new to all of this never even looked into starting my business. I would like to get some feedback I am almost done week 1 and haven’t done a solo ad as I am still trying to understand all of this. So for people that have gone further than week 1 has anyone else waited as well for the other modules to start investing or is it good to do some solo ads?
I just feel like I’m behind or missing something

thanks everyone :slight_smile:


A small explanation first about solo ads and how they are delivered to their target audience:
It really depends on the provider! Generally these people own blogs, websites, instagram accounts, facebook groups etc, through which they collect emails to build their email list in different niches.

Then, depending on their niche, they can promote your product (Presell page or direct hoplink) to their email list, and therefore make people click on it. If you don’t have an ad text, then it’s the seller’s responsibility to choose their own way to promote your link, and they can do it any way they choose. (Whether it’s good or not is questionable, again, since you DON’T KNOW what they do, that’s why John provides the texts, and you should always add your own ad text if available)

The targeted audience is not very “warm”, since, even though they ARE interested in the niche that you are promoting, they are not necessary interested in buying your product, unlike the clicks you get from google & Facebook, which you can target better and you know at least partially WHO is clicking your ads.

The advantage is that you know exactly how much a click will cost and how many (at minimum) clicks you are going to get.

So let’s say I own a blog about traveling and I publish twice a week, through the years I collected an email list of 10,000 people which are my blog readers and newsletter subscribers. I now offer my services on Udimi. You buy from me, 100 click for your product, which is an extra light sleeping bag . I know by experience that to get 100 clicks, I need to send your product to about 1000 people. So I send them your email swipe ("Hey guys, everybody is using this new awesome sleeping bag now, check it out here! "), and I got you 132 clicks for example (over delivered).

I always advice customers to wait a little for module 2, to get their website/presell page up and running, before investing in Solo Ads, or throw up a little budget on it to try it out, ‘test the waters’ :slight_smile:


Wow this was amazing!! thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to explain this, this was great!! :slight_smile:


very well explained. thanks

I just submitted my first solo add. I don’t need a presell page for this right? Because it only needs the hoplink which is inserted in the email. I change the email #5 text a little. I will let you know if I get any response from the ad.


Hi, @ryoung2000. That is correct! No need for a presell page, since solo ads only needs your hoplink or if you also want to provide the seller your email swipe. And good to know that you have experimented with the email content. Please let us know how it turned out. Goodluck! :smile:


Thank you so much. I was hesitant to get started investing and wasn’t too clear about the differences between solo links and needing my website. You explained it so well. Thank you for helping me understand.


Thank you. That made so much of clarity .

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I submitted (2) Solo Ads and I was so excited to figure it out!
We’ll see what happens.
So encouraging to read through the discussion and know that I’m
not alone with feeling very clueless about how to integrate our website/presell
pages! Great explanation Ilya! Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail.
Happy to be onboard with you all :smiley:


Good information! thank you

Thanks Ilya for the clear explanation. Try out Solo Ads first, no need to get stressed out, as it will all come together later. Your counsel on waiting till week 2 to integrate things makes a lot of sense. In another Forum, Ilya did say that the Solo Ads part was moved up to Week 1 to get a flavour of marketing

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This is ALL NEW to me as well. Just so I am understanding…when I see ads (say on google) its like the pictures/videos ect. John had earlier showed under each company, the affiliate tab that had all the presale pages and contect ect – that I thought we had to build. All we are doing here is entering a link. Does that link include all the add copy—or since we are creating an EMAIL is this part just going to random emails ??
Hope that’s not a stupid question — just want to understand and be on the same page. Thanks

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I am watching the videos of Bryan Biscoe and was trying to follow along as if I was placing an ad. I am not seeing Igor listed as one of the ad providers any more ???

Hi @BREEZYX2, unfortunately. Igor has been under-delivering for our customers lately and therefore the link has been removed from our resources section.

We are now working on establishing a partnership with other strong Solo Ad providers in various niches, to give an edge for our customers. The most reliable and best-delivering network we are working with is Udimi, also covered in the course.

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it’s great explantation ! I am totally new in affiliate marketing but i am willing to learn and never quit

@duytrantnt, that’s the spirit! :clinking_glasses:

thanks for the explanation IlyaG. Im busy setting up my first solo ad right now, but Ive notice that the “I have own text” tab that John speaks about isnt on the page. So Im not exactly sure if i should continue, but if I do then this guy will advertise as he sees fit; which as youve mentioned isnt ideal. I’ll hold on with the purchase till Ive gotten clarity. Please help.


Great information thank you so much!!

wow, This is amazing i was feeling overwhelmed too, because i finished my week in 2 days and i wanted to start using solo ads, which i don’t have a presell page or anything to attach my ad to.Thanks