A Rocky Mountain Hi!

Hi All! My name is Maureen but my user name is intuitionmatters, which is the name of my current business. It is pretty clear that honed intuitive skills will come in exceptionally handy in this biz! I have been grinding through setting up my “digital platform” for my coaching, reading, healing business and attempted launching a few times only to have my site crash or have FB block me, etc. When I encountered John’s program I knew without a doubt that this was what I was supposed to be doing instead! WOW talk about a radical shift!

I have sales and marketing in my blood but cannot seem to sell my own offerings, so I am beyond jazzed for this opportunity. I am hoping we can all make our wildest dreams come through while helping others on our own terms! I am grateful to be here and want nothing more than to get a campaign going! This pump is PRIMED I can’t wait to turn on the faucet FULL-ON!! Let’s all get there together!

Great post Maureen! I completely agree! Thanks for sharing. I’m new myself to John’s SAS system and happy to be here, learning along the way and becoming more aware of ‘how to’ in the marketing business. What is so good about this business is it is UNDER SATURATED with folks trying it out. John’s right. The chart’s don’t lie. Most people who join this don’t have what it takes to be successful, they simply DON’T DO THE WORK!. What work is that? It’s in the research, it’s in the investigation, it’s thinking like the customer, it’s browsing what other people are doing, it’s piggybacking on other’s success all from the comfort of our own home. The world has changed so much in the past 20 years; the pleathora of opportunities for success is LIMITLESS on the internet. Best of luck to you and your businesses. I hope you succeed in doing what you’re passionate about, keeping joy in your daily life and having more money on the side to bless you and others lives. Take care! -Ben Hilton (Katy, TX)

Hi Maureen,
You are in the right place, yes, listen to that intuition voice that knows the correct decisions. Ask
ans get the answer, but you already know that! John and his staff are the coaches that will guide you on how to put it all together. Welcome aboard!! Pere

Hi Ben, Thank you for your comment! You shared lots of great information that I found to be particularly inspirational, at the perfect time. I really do feel staying excited about where this could take us, as we grind through the learning curve, is a critical piece. Thank you for holding a High Vision for my success! I wish the same for you and yours! ~Maureen

Hi Pere,
Thank you for commenting on my post. Yes I keep reminding myself, “you are learning from The BEST, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and it will all fall in place”.

I am wondering, how do you pronounce your name, “pare” or “peer”?

How long have you been in the program? Are you experiencing success?

I hope you enjoy creating a magnificent day!

Hello Maureen! Welcome! I see you’ve already met like-minded fellows. Now get started and good luck!

Hello IlyaG,
Thank you! Yes, I am ready to rock it! Hoping to pull the trigger today!