2 SAS Sales Last Month

I posted on the FB group last month that I made my first sale for SAS, but looking at the reporting tab in clickbank, Looks like I actually had 2 sales. Those who clicked my link looks like they paid 2 different ways,looks like one paid the whole price at once and it looked like there was a 2nd one that is paying in installments (Maybe??) I dont have any February sales, coz of ads getting disapproved and my FB ad account was shutdown for a few days. I’ve since have both google search and YT ads running. Small success but enough to keep going! Also my first clickbank check is in the mail! 56%20AM%20-%20Display%201%20(1)|690x388

P.s May i dare say the the Training 3.0 is a lot better. :slight_smile: THank you John!


@jaysonmendoza26 WoW!! Congratulations!! You are on :fire::fire:!! :sunglasses:

@jaysonmendoza26 Awesome! Love the massive action you’re taking!
Send me a message to [email protected] about the CD’s

Congratulations!!! Thats freaking rad, and Im happy to see the success here!

@jaysonmendoza26 I never was able to get the CD’s!! May I congratulate you on your sales instead with Tim Ferris’s Updated and Expanded version of the 4 Hour Workweek? Do you prefer Hardcover or Audio CD?

Sweet! I’ll take the audio CD Sara. Thank you!

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Nice job!!! Are you using Click Funnels or did you upload the Presell page manual?