1st Sale on Day 7 of Course

My first sale occurred today; totally happy to see this working so soon!

As of today, I have spent $68 in FB ads. Here is screenshot of my Clickbank account.



Hi Adnan,

What John teaches works! Just put it into action!


That is AWESOME…Congrats…
how did you get the FB ad to work?..mine was declined twice and they won’t let me run it

Hey Jerrold,

For my ad, I used the exact text and video (01_English_B) that is provided in the ad copy section and I followed John’s instructional video (in Week 1) exactly. Sometimes Facebook does not like certain text, so if you changed any, that may be the issue.

What did FB say is the reason for the decline?

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I did the same thing…followed everything exactly…
they deemed it a money making get rich scheme…and don’t allow that
sent the legal letter for review as well…still declined

I would check with support. Maybe they can suggest editing copy in a way that would work for FB.


That is awesome!! Congratulations!!!

I just started and am looking forward to my first of many sales too!!

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This is wonderful! So happy for your first success! Here’s to so much more!

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Hi Steph-

I used the buyers list “Bizzopp- en 128” and created a look-a-like audience (1% US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada). I also monitored comments on the post; hiding the negative comments, and responding to other comments that I could turn into a positive plug.

That’s really it. Hope that helps!

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Awesome Robert, I am a newbie, just finished my welcome module, very impressed about the achievements you have posted here. I will be reaching out for help when needed. Congrats!


Very Inspirational Screenshot to actually see what it looks like.

Can’t wait to see that on my screen.
Started promoting on 8/30.
Doing the work…
Seeing quite a bit of Hops but no sales.

Looking forward to taking a screenshot myself soon.

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