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Help people have a side hustle to make extra monthly income and get paid WELL for it!

Amazing Selling Machine 11 launches Oct 8-25

This is the 11th Launch Every launch has done on average of 6M, 80% driven by affiliates.

There is a reason for that… HIGH conversions, 100K top prize for #1 affiliate



Brand new optin tool that leads can use right away creates a 30-50% optin rate

Several bonuses and conversion boosters added as we build up the launch!

Optimized funnel that converts a high amount of visitors. You’re job is to JUST get them to optin!

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About The ASM11 Program

Amazing Selling Machine is our core product and this
comprehensive educational program teaches people how to
create a physical products brand leveraging the power of Amazon.

ASM is continuously kept up to date, to ensure that our students get
only the latest and most effective training possible. Just a few
short months ago we updated 100% of the program, and for
ASM11, we have updated it again, with over 60% brand new

To top it off, we’ve also added an automated tool suite that makes
building your own brand on Amazon even easier.

PLUS ASM11 now comes with FREE lifetime upgrades to every new
version of the core ASM web class, and along with the new
features we added and the exclusive offers we have prepared,
ASM11 is sure to be our best version yet!

New Lead Generation Tool For You: Our best launches were driven
by a free software tool. This year, we’ve created a brand new one
from scratch that’s a Google Chrome extension. Easy to use, and

With this powerful tool, you can quickly sort through Amazon’s
massive collection of products to find the hottest opportunities
with high sales volume and low competition. (We’ve even uploaded
our proven product selection criteria)

New Conversion Rate Booster Bonus! After performing a data
analysis of our audience and what kept them from buying, and
what kept them from being successful it came down to one major
hurdle… Sourcing a product.

There is a fear that they’ll get scammed out of their money picking
the wrong supplier. We’ve solved that issue…

(we will find 3 suppliers + negotiate MOQ & price) This is a savings of OVER 1500
dollars, Plus HOURS of time.

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For ASM?
The short answer: Anyone who wants to make some extra money
and/or wants a freedom lifestyle where they can work when they
want and WHERE they want.

So… that’s a lonnnng list of people. (THIS ALSO INCLUDES

There are men and women working full time in an industry they
love and just want an additional stream of income.
Others want to take charge of their lives and become

Some people have more time than money and others have more
money than time.

If the desire to do more and be more is there, we can pave the
path of least resistance to building a profitable business and
support our students as they fulfill their dreams.

Lists of Niches that have promoted us successfully that I bet you
haven’t thought about:
Self Improvement
Financial Lists
Health/Fitness lists (Yes, one of the biggest stresses in life is
finances and this program helps people create more money)
Mommy bloggers
Real Estate Lists
Make Money Online Lists
Your neighbors, friends and family
Stay at home moms
Work from home lists
MLM/Network marketing lists
Conservative Lists
Local business owners
Medical Doctors
Relationship (Biggest reasons for divorce is finance)
Business Opportunity
Approaching Influencers
Ecommerce stores (most are terrible at selling on Amazon)
Travel (people want to travel, but many don’t have the money to
travel. With ASM, they can earn money WHILE they travel since you
can do it from anywhere)

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Something very serious here! This program will end up paying out millions over the next month so definitely hop onboard!


I am signing up for this. Thank you

What an amazing opportunity!

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Thanks for joining guys. Once you are on the list, you’ll be given a TON of well written email swipe copy. If you need anything else, let us know. We’re here to help you succeed as well.

It really is a life changing product globally.

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Good to see! Aiming at promoting the ASM12.

(A year ago I bought the ASM9 course and lauched an Amazon product throught it. It is the best Amazon selling course out there. Great thing to promote.)