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1-ON-1 Coaching

hey, guys, I’m wondering for those people that never bought the 1 on 1 training… what are your thoughts on not getting it? have you been successful without the 1 on 1 training?

thanks in advance.


Its still a little confusing to me so yes i think im going to get the 1on1 coaching soon


Anyone know how much this costs?

doesnt have a set price and not everyone qualifies you have to call them and they qualify you in the phone and u have to have money set aside to invest

Hi @natesoroyal quick question…did you personally purchase the coaching and if so what has your experience been like. What range do you think the cost falls under? ex. 5-10k, 1-2k, etc. Would you ultimately recommend? Thanks!

Hi, I have talked to one of the coaches in the first week. For sure you get faster results with the coach, but as you can see, people are having results without coaching, too, If you want to go conservative it costs about $5K up. If you want to see quick results is about $10-15K. I can not pay for it yet, but for sure, when the money is there I probably will take advantage of it. I hope this helps.


Hi there! I have spoken with someone about joining the 1-on-1 training as well. I was hoping that someone could share their experience and whether or not they feel it is worth investing.

I have just brought 1 to 1 coaching… so far I’ve not been successful yet… I am trying eBay first and than now I am having my coach teaching me Affiliate marketing… my coach says it will take a few months to be successful !!.. so well see soon… I’ll definably let you guys know…


Hello all,

I enrolled for the 1-on-1 mentoring program over a month ago as I was desperate to see some results. Here I am, all this time later, still with no results, not even $1 earned. I do not recommend it at all.

It is a total of $4000 ($1500 downpayment and you’ll pay the rest of $2500 in $100 monthly installments).

They will redirect you towards selling on eBay, so it has nothing to do with what you’ve learned in SAS. It consists of 6 meetings, 30 minutes each, every week, over the phone or Skype, depending on the coach you get.

And sad to say they are not good coaches. I got two. I changed the first one, Steve, because he was replying to my e-mails only once a day, on business days only. During our phone calls he seemed annoyed by me asking questions, but I was asking those questions because he wasn’t answering them through my e-mails. The second one I got is Trevor. He does answer emails, however not giving valuable advice (nothing I have not seen or heard in the training videos).

eBay dropshipping is totally different than affiliate marketing, but I still learned how to do that, because my mentors advised me it is the fastest and surest way to make money. I did everything as they teach, yet still no results.

Now I am stuck paying $100 per month for mentoring and results I am not getting. It is the biggest mistake I ever made, nothing like they advertised.

Don’t do it!


Hi Maria,

Yes, I have to agreed with you my coach is telling me to do eBay first, I was thinking the same thing that has nothing to do with SAS as well, when I ask about Affiliated marketing he seems like surprised and say just keep working on your eBay account… he did however try to tell me find my niches first and we be discussed that… the tone of his voice seems a bit hesitant to teach me is what I get from it.

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Hi @murgocianamaria @susieh06

First of all, It truly saddens me to hear about your experience with the coaching team, this isn’t meant to be the way it is done and our standards are different.

I’ve personally had conversations with many students of ours that did experience success through the mentoring program and were indeed engaging in the affiliate marketing direction while doing that, some were doing well with dropshipping as well.

Did you express your frustration to the coaches? Did you ask to focus on affiliate marketing if that is the direction you’d like to pursue? Have you let them know about your dissatisfaction, so they can act upon it and adjust the strategy to you?


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Hi Ilya,

First of all, I want to apologize if my comments made you sad or upset. That was not my intention at all and they do not reflect the respect I have for you, Lizette and the SAS team. I think we can all agree that you guys provide excellent support and are always there to help us.

Second of all, yes, I did express my dissatisfaction with them. As I had mentioned previously, I changed my first mentor because I felt like he was annoyed by me asking questions during our calls and he was giving me generic answers, nothing I had not learned from the videos they provide us. My second mentor is more responsive, but also not giving valuable advice.

I will give you an example, although I don’t know how much sense it is going to make since it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing: when we open a seller account on eBay we are given a limit of 10 items / $500, whichever comes first. That means that we are allowed to have a maximum number of 10 items worth a maximum total of $500 in our stores. This is not much to work with and we can ask eBay to raise our limits, however they will not do that unless you reach your limits and make a few sales. When I asked how I can make sales faster, he said to list something from around the house. Well, I would do that, but sadly I live in Romania, Europe and trying to ship something from my house to the US would actually cost me a lot more than what I would be making from that sale. He had nothing to say about that. He actually left me hanging without an answer.

Regarding affiliate marketing, yes, I told him I want to do that. He asked for my user credentials to check out my campaigns. To this date I did not receive any feedback on those. He suggested to stick to writing on my website, the one I opened with you guys for presell pages, since it is free and I am low on cash right now. I told him that I do not mind doing that, however it is hard for me as I am not a writer and I do not get inspired often. I open a blank page and waste hours trying to write a few paragraphs.

I do believe there are people who have been successful with eBay, however I am inclined to think that they are either from the US or had a different coach than the ones I had.

To be honest, I feel like you are helping us more than the mentors do and I can see that you genuinely enjoy sharing your knowledge. You are more of a mentor than them and we are lucky to have you.

Thank you for everything you do. :blush:

Best regards,

Hi llya,
Thank you for your concern,Sorry that we have sadden you with my experience so far… That has not thing to do with you or the SAS team on here… just like Anamaria say, that you been wonderful teaching us on the videos and live webnaire, since I’ve join 2 weeks ago. Honestly, you gave more knowledge than I have ever learn from the my coach so far. I’ve have ask my coach how to get more traction for me to get more people to look at my items or potentially buy my items, my coach answer was post more items that you think people would want to buy from thrive store or garage sales or even the things you don’t want in your house. I raised my concern to him that I don’t have much stuff being and being kinda like student in a dorm room very limited spaces and don’t have much money to buy more things at all. So that when I brought out affiliate marketing and want him to teach me more on that he seem hesitant to even want to. I told him my frustrations about it, my coach did not seem to really react to my concern. I have gained more knowledge from you and your videos more than I’ve gain from others. Thank you llya for sharing and want to help people out…
Have a great day,


Hi Maria,
I am working with Trevor.
Did he help you out regarding affiliate marketing?


Hi Priyam,

No, he did not. His idea of affiliate marketing is writing articles on your own website and eventually get it monetized.

Good luck with everything! :slightly_smiling_face:

@susieh06 and @murgocianamaria thank you for your feedback. I have been considering getting the coaching program as well. I had even called a few months ago and had my initial phone conversation (with Derek I think). The initial conversation went well and we seemed to have a good rapport and if he had said he would be the coach I would have signed up right then and there.

Instead they kept making me run up the sales ladder, saying “well I’m not the person who makes the final decision”. Which is a technique I hate! Each time I had to speak to someone new and answer the same questions again and again and each time felt like the person on the other end of the line was less genuine and seemed more concerned about me getting out my credit card than answering my questions.

They also had me watch a couple of videos that made no mention of John Crestani or SAS which made me feel very skeptical.

The third guy I talked to just didn’t seem to care at all and had the attitude that if he wasn’t going to get me to buy then he wasn’t going to answer my questions.

I hope they make some improvements to the coaching program and that they actually have John’s former students who focus on the SAS course as I have lots of questions as well and feel like I need some hand holding. But I definitely don’t want to learn drop shipping or sell things from around my house on eBay.


Hi @HughGardner ,

What you have said is all true and the fact that now I’m just realized one IMPORTANT POINT you’ve mentions is that They never showed John’s video about SAS and now to think about it and back your absolutely right, had I had that through at the fist place, I’ve would’t be giving my CC to them so fast… they fed me a bunch of lies and stuff like that now that after I’ve sign up and with a few weeks ago starts my coaching , they drop the ebay bomb on me and when I’ve mentions about the affiliate marketing to my coach he told me that is not something they do right off the bat, that will come later… and now after 3 weeks of coaching… they try to have me paid yet thousands of dollars for drop shipping and their highest is $10K they want you to pay them for helping you do almost everything… umm ok hella NO… who the heck has $10K laying around like that… NO ONE…

I agreed with you they should have John’s former students coaching the newbies on this… and NOT some partner company trying to take ADVANTAGE of people and desperate want you to get into their program and using their sale tactics and ticks people into buying their program and than lied to you at the end not wanted to teach you or answer any questions about afflict marketing area … what a bunch of BS scams they are promoting of the 1 to 1 coaching. Other, the other hand I learned a lot from the SAS program, I think the money is worth spending learning things you’ve would not have known or have any knowledge on… I just wish I knew that before, I would never do the coaching for that matter… its all a LIE and get you to pay more money to them.

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wow what such a bitter experience ??? for me as new member began to worry and for lliya you knew about that can I know what is the action ??? that is different of what John said about 1 to 1 coach on the video !!! I am afraid that everything will be different from what John offered in the beginning . Please respond and explain

Hi @salahshala67,

Sorry, I am not sure what you want me to explain.

I think you just saved me from wasting thousands of dollars. Ok I was really skeptical about this at first because they called me first and asked about coaching. The caller (Bryan or probably Derek, cause i searched up his phone number) was so pushy about me getting a credit card and paying for “things.” I asked where this money was going to and he was very vague about it and kept pushing it off for later. He was laughing off my concerns which concerned me so at that point i kinda pulled the plug on coaching because that just seemed sketchy. Like Im In debt, im not trying to spend 5k rn for coaching. Before i ended my call he said " You spent 1k on the course and you still havent done anything." My way of Learning is to gather infomation first and then apply it later when im comfortable with it. He sounded like a dick so that confirmed that he just didnt care. What a fraud.

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