1 on 1 Coaching

Hi All,
** Noel Schip from Surfers Paradise, Australia.**
I joined SAS about 6 months ago and after completing the course I elected to try promoting John’s SAS Webinar via Youtube Videos, posting every day.

I also have a Blog where I post articles with links to the SAS Webinar.

After 1000 Videos and 115 Blog posts I have yet to score a winner. ( It takes time for SEO to kick in- up to 2 years). I’ll keep on posting and blogging- You have to be consistent and realize this, if you want $500 Commissions.

I also tried Facebook Ads, but after getting my 26th Ad Account Banned in 2 years, I decided to give Google Ads a whirl.

I had a few Clickbank Sales using products and landing pages from the Marketing Tech Panel.
Many thanks to John and Ilya for the weekly webinars. I have learnt so much about Clickbank and Google Ads

On the 3rd June I attended Ilya’s weekly webinar with Guest Presenter Daniel Dalmina.
Daniel’s presentation was about Clickbank products and Google Ads using the CPA Method.

His presentation absolutely resonated with me so I signed up for his 1 on 1 Coaching before the Webinar Ended.

** My first 2 coaching sessions resulted in Daniel showing me some tricks that got me sales on 1 clickbank product which is bringing sales nearly every day.**

On my 3rd coaching session we built a brand new campaign together and loaded up to clickbank. I am getting sales after only 2 days.

I am now waiting for further results so that the campaign can be OPTIMISED and SCALED.
Looking forward to coaching sessions 4 – 8

In Conclusion. I would like to thank Daniel sooo much, nothing is a bother to him, Emails are answered promptly and no task is too big.

**Anybody that is sitting on the fence about 1 on 1 Coaching then my advice is to sign up with Daniel Dalmina right now. **

You can contact him here: DANIEL DALMINA [email protected]

As someone who loves efficiency, I’ve felt the frustration of under achieving and losing. I’m not such a perfectionist that I expect I’ll get it spot on, but just like a drinker trying to find the balance between daily happy hour and being a drunk, I strive to get it right.

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