1-on-1 Coaching Program

I am Halina. I started the SAS program 2 years ago, with the older version but did not take any steps to do anything.
Now I started from the beginning and really love the course, so much FREE information, so much to learn, the support is awesome, like very much the webinars with Ilya.
I was present at the last one where Ilya was sharing the knowledge about Google search Ads and introduce the method of Daniel Dalmina. I was very impressed of this and see the great possibility there.
I am not a new to Google ads, doing now youtube ads. By the end of the webinar I 1 on 1 coaching with Daniel took without any hesitation. And would like to say that it is the great decision in order to save money, time and do learn properly from the start of doing Google search. Daniel knows very well what he is teaching, very kind, give the nice ideas. I have only 3 meetings but have learnt a lot with him and know that my dream this time comes true. I highly recommend Daniel as a coach if you want to work in the right direction, you can gain a lot from that. Thank you John, Ilya, Lizette, Daniel and all the team for this awesome opportunity. I will be sharing with you my progress. :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to 2nd this recommendation of Daniel as a coach. I’d been in the program for over a year, but I kept getting in my own way…fear of failure, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of wasting money/time, as well as feeling overwhelmed with information and being unsure of what to do next. I’d considered 1-on-1 coaching but kept talking myself out of it.

When I saw Daniel’s clear presentation of his approach on Thursday’s training a few weeks ago, I felt like he would be a good coach for me and took a chance. I’m halfway through the 8 sessions and already feel so much better about my ability to move forward. Of course, I haven’t seen any sales yet (not a surprise) but it feels like the process is nearly foolproof.

If you feel stuck or like you’re not making progress as fast as you’d like, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Daniel to see if coaching is right for you. Thanks, Daniel and everyone at SAS.


Hi All,
Noel Schip from Surfers Paradise, Australia.
I joined SAS about 6 months ago and after completing the course I elected to try promoting John’s SAS Webinar via Youtube Videos, posting every day.

I also have a Blog where I post articles with links to the SAS Webinar.

After 1000 Videos and 115 Blog posts I have yet to score a winner. ( It takes time for SEO to kick in- up to 2 years). I’ll keep on posting and blogging- You have to be consistent and realize this, if you want $500 Commissions.

I also tried Facebook Ads, but after getting my 26th Ad Account Banned in 2 years, I decided to give Google Ads a whirl.

I had a few Clickbank Sales using products and landing pages from the Marketing Tech Panel.
Many thanks to John and Ilya for the weekly webinars. I have learnt so much about Clickbank and Google Ads

On the 3rd June I attended Ilya’s weekly webinar with Guest Presenter Daniel Dalmina.
Daniel’s presentation was about Clickbank products and Google Ads using the CPA Method.

His presentation absolutely resonated with me so I signed up for his 1 on 1 Coaching before the Webinar Ended.

My first 2 coaching sessions resulted in Daniel showing me some tricks that got me sales on 1 clickbank product which is bringing sales nearly every day.

On my 3rd coaching session we built a brand new campaign together and loaded up to clickbank. I am getting sales after only 2 days.

I am now waiting for further results so that the campaign can be OPTIMISED and SCALED.
Looking forward to coaching sessions 4 – 8

In Conclusion. I would like to thank Daniel sooo much, nothing is a bother to him, Emails are answered promptly and no task is too big.

Anybody that is sitting on the fence about 1 on 1 Coaching then my advice is to sign up with Daniel Dalmina right now.

You can contact him here: DANIEL DALMINA [email protected]

As someone who loves efficiency, I’ve felt the frustration of under achieving and losing. I’m not such a perfectionist that I expect I’ll get it spot on, but just like a drinker trying to find the balance between daily happy hour and being a drunk, I strive to get it right.

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I am Cort Crossen from Hawaii. I’d like to add to the great reviews Daniel Dalmina already has!

I’ve been struggling with paid ads for sometime now and I made some huge mistakes like getting banned from facebook ads.

Again, Like the others I watched the weekly training with Ilya and saw what Daniel had to offer and decided to do the 1-on-1 coaching. It was a great choice!

The whole process was great. I was really impressed by how well he taught and how structured he was, this really helped me focus on what I needed to learn.

But the best part is that I’m getting results from what he showed. He is really easy to work with but whats the point if you don’t get results.

So, as of right now my campaign isn’t optimized but I’m getting results and even made a sale on my first day running the campaign. Which for me is a big deal because I never made a sale through google before and it’s my first Clickbank product to make a sale as well.

I’m excited for the rest of my sessions and to take what I know and make some money!!!


I have studied many affiliate marketing programs and tried many marketing techniques. I’d completed the SAS training but found that there are so many options for implementing the business that it was difficult to decide exactly what approach to take.

A few weeks ago, I heard a presentation by Daniel Dalmina about how he successfully implemented the training that he received from the SAS program. He sounded very clear and concise about how he developed a process using Google Adwords to promote Clickbank products. I set up an appointment to see if we would work well together.

I have had 5 sessions with him so far. I like him and his process for the following reasons:

  • He has a clear step-by-step method for implementing his approach to building a profitable and scalable business.
  • He answers all my questions and is always easy to talk to.
  • He helped me get all the tools set up: Clickbank, Google Adwords, SAS Panel, domain, tracking, uptime monitor
  • He guided me in selecting a product, creating a landing page, headlines, and ad copy.
  • He keeps me focused on the important tasks and keeps me from getting sidetracked.
  • He learned affiliate marketing from the SAS training so I understand his references.
  • He gives links to SAS training videos as homework so his advice is consistent with our SAS course training.
  • He answers all questions quickly between sessions if I need clarification or feedback.
  • He shared spreadsheets to organize the collection of keywords, ad copy, headlines, and to track key indicators and rates day-by-day
  • He taught me how to create effective ad groups. I made 10 ad groups with 440 keywords.
  • He showed me how to do the first few ads then let me do the rest and checked my work.
  • He helped me launch a campaign 9 days after our first meeting.
  • Within 5 days, I had 2 sales (about 60% of ad spend). This was during the data gathering cycle.
  • He explains the reason behind each step so I will be able to repeat this process when the coaching is complete.

Now we are working on optimizing and scaling the ads and the business.

I recommend Daniel Dalmina as a coach to anyone who needs some clear no-nonsense guidance on developing a profitable affiliate marketing business.


I highly recommend Daniel, he knows what he teaches and he teaches it well
Follow his step by step process, don’t over think it, he will guide you to the end
of the process, using Kind words, Praise And being Positive
I can see light at the end of the Tunnel, Thanks Daniel for your Time and All your Help


Students like you make us proud - you are the reason why John and Daniel love what they are doing! Really awesome, Rem @suzukiboydr350 - way to go!!! :muscle:
Thanks for sharing your positive experience with us and please keep us on track about your further progress…

Hi Dear All SAS members,

Hope you guys doing well . Just reaching out about SAS 1-on-1 Coaching Program with Daniel .

When I started to 1-on-1 coaching with Daniel get pretty confident to learn proper way to create campaign .

Daniel is Easy going and very polite personality he helped any questions I asked.

I launch the 1st Campaign with Daniel but not get as I expected results, meaning not get sales but I learnt from him the process how to replicate new campaign . Then I follow his method for my new campaign and get better results than 1st one at this moment .

Meaning get couple of sales from the clickbank .

Still I’m learning with him how to do better way to optimize the campaign and scale it up to the next level .

He helped me to how to check
Google Adwords,
SAS Panel,
domain, tracking,
uptime monitor, properly .
Selecting keywords different angel
Creating Ad Copy
How to select headline
And write descriptions etc.

He is helping me every step till now and I believe Daniel will help always SAS student as well .

If you follow John , Illya and Daniel’s lesson and put it all together your hard work ,
I believe you will success .

And if you need any help then feel free to contact Daniel from the SAS 1-on-1 coaching program.

All the best


Daniel’s Coaching was beneficial and timely for me as a newbie in Google Ads.
He was professional and provided step-by-step training that assisted me in understanding the whole process of setting up a Google Campaign. The main difference between this course and other courses I have bought previously was very clear, Daniel’s 1:1 Coaching. It is essential to have a step-by-step process that is easy to follow and understand.

Daniel is a great teacher, and I would highly recommend his Coaching to everyone wanting to learn essential, basic foundational strategies to become a successful affiliate marketer.


I have enjoyed seeing danial on the thursday weekly episode,
he is so easy to understand, i am still setting up my site now that i have internet again after many week of not being able to get on line here in the desert.
keep up the great training

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I am very happy with the help from Daniel, After just a few days of launching my campaign I have had sales and I’m in profit. He is very organized and easy to work with. Highly recommend using his service.

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Wow! This is great to know, @shaun570. Congrats on your sale!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Way to go! :rocket:

Hi h.rozum although this is an old post, It is new for me because this is where I want to be, I know without a coach your progress will be very slow for most affiliate, so I started with a coach that I have not contacted yet. I was waiting for someone to contact me first, or they are they are waiting for me to complete beginner’s course or what? I will be contacting my coaching team tomorrow. Glad you are progressing toward your goal; I can’t afford to fail another .

Hi dianeschip you made a good decision to get help, but in the affiliate section of training teaches us that perfection is not what makes money, and it can kill your progress, so don’t rely upon that word perfection as much. But I like your affords to keep action alive?