Seeking Forum Moderators

  • I am seeking a forum moderator, who can regularly monitor this community, and make sure that people are abiding by the rules, and acting in good faith.

    To qualify, you must have at least 10 value-adding posts in the forum, a fully filled out profile, and be working in the best interests of creating an open/transparent, and value-adding community of affiliates, that help move everyone forward.

    In return, you will get free access to my $5,000 affiliate marketer educational course, as well as regular conversations with me on Skype in regards to how the forum is functioning, insight into my mind, and the chance to ask me questions.

    You will also have additional opportunities to work with myself and my companies, that should prove invaluable over time.


  • Hey John, I just found the forum yesterday.

    I added a lot of information to the forum already and I am super open to helping you develop this Forum to be a huge productive social forum!

    How do I get started?

    Thanks for the Opportunity!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @JohnCrestani . Also interested in this position and helping you to develop this forum. I've already posted some valuable content ....and I'll keep doing it no matter what :-)!

  • Hey @JohnCrestani thanks again for creating the forum! I'd be happy to help moderate the forum, i'm applying some of your advice right now, so am definitely up for the role, taking on more responsibilities and helping out in any other way that i can to make this a great space. :)

  • I'd LOVE to be a mod. I'm online all the time, I'm an Aries, I like long walks on the beach, ice cream, puppies and death metal. Oh, not enough? I do have a lot of experience with code and am about to drop some fatass scripts on the forum, and just by registering I think I've increased the value of the forum by at least 32.57333(repeating)%.

    So I'm happy to throw my hat in the ring!

  • @JohnCrestani are you still looking for a moderator?

  • Yup! I am still seeking a moderator. You dont have your image or signature filled out though :) Im still giving it a little time to see who remains consistent and involved in the forum.

  • Beginners Accountability Report

    Hi @JohnCrestani
    I´m consistent and I´m involved every day in the forum. Look at my stats. I know there´s only been a month, but you will see the same stats in 6 month or more.
    I study super affiliates everyday, affiliates like Malan, Ngo, Ferdnando, Attila and off course yourself on social, blogs and Youtube.
    I have carefully read and understood the SAS forum rules carefully. And I am devoted to follow them since it would a disaster to my business if I´d be kicked out. Here I have friends, business motivators and people that wants to help me in my everyday strive of becoming a super affiliate. But most important here I can find people that have the right mindset and are likeminded. And, the day I can call myself a super affiliate I will devote parts of my business to coach and help others reach their goals and succeed in their strive as well.
    And I would love it to be here in the SAS Forum.

  • @JohnCrestani Okay great! lol my image hadn't uploaded on mobile. Great youtube video over the weekend btw! ;)

  • @JohnCrestani I would like to be a moderator..

  • Hi John,

    I would like to be a forum moderator, that would be great.

    I like this forum a lot and I'd be happy to help even if I get nothing in return.

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