The Rules of this Forum

  • This is a free forum, and will always be.

    Violate any of the rules, and you will be kicked out, with no explanation.

    I. Open Participation
    We encourage all community members to use their real name, and post their facebook profile link, and their skype in their signature. The goal is to connect more with each other, not to hide behind aliases.

    II. No Lurkers!
    Everyone needs to introduce themselves, upload a profile photo, and post in here at least once per month. If you dont post at least once per month, your account will be deactivated.

    III. Give Value
    Give value in your posts, in your topics, and in what you do.

    IV. No Whining
    No whining, complaining, or other negative, non-value adding bullshit is allowed in this community. No-one likes whiners, and anyone caught doing this offense, will be made fun of, and kicked out of the forum.

    V. No Solicitation
    We are all here to make money. That doesn't mean off of each other. Anyone caught soliciting other forum members, either through the forum, through the chat, or any other way, will be made fun of, and kicked immediately.

    VI. Assholes will be Persecuted
    If you are being an asshole, you will be kicked. The proper way to respond to assholes is #asshole . If someone is called an asshole, they can respond to the accuser, and so on. After there are no more arguments left to be made on either side, the thread will end with a vote on who is the bigger asshole, and this will result in one person, or the other, being kicked off the forum.

    VII. Search First, Questions Second
    If you are caught asking questions or starting a topic, where-upon an easy answer can be found by either searching the forum, Google, or Youtube, you will be made fun of, and booted immediately. Good responses to bad questions like these are: #googleit

    VIII. Have fun
    Life if about having fun. Have fun on this forum, use hashtags for silly reasons, put up pictures of funny things, share files, out other affiliates campaigns, talk about creating massive companies, let others know about your success, make politically incorrect jokes, share videos, and just generally do whatever you want. Life can be boring, this should be a place where that all goes away, and we have fun.

    IX. Don't Direct Questions At Individuals
    This is a forum. Definition: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Basically, don't direct questions at me individually, because that is rude. This forum is a free service for internet marketers to collaborate with each other, and calling out one person seriosuly detracts from the overall ethos of the entire operation.

  • @JohnCrestani I am new and just got started on this and I like everything in your Internet Jetset program discovering everything in your Forum.

    Thank You!
    Rose Anne Williams

  • I like the rules John they are eazy to remember

  • Just got started can wait to get things rolling

  • Hi This IS the real thing.

  • Just my first day teach me morebolded textmy first day

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is my YELLOW BRICK ROAD. I am headed for GREATNESS Thanks John

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks John ,I just started ,dreams come true ,looks it is a great program !

  • Great rules and not hard to understand. Thank for your hard work John. It is not easy. I know some of it and not all. Nice to meet everyone. Please feel free to make contact. I do not bite or have a gun. Only my mouse and keyboard. HAHAHAHAHA. Good day to all. Speak soon.

  • Thank you john for the forum. I am newbie and I have no idea on affiliate marketing. For the pass time now I just been following your videos on youtube. I am from liberia thank you john.

  • Thanks john.

  • @JohnCrestani I'm new, so just getting started. Looking forward to great results. I'm a believer. 😊

  • Thanks John

  • Awesome stuff!very fair.just joined and can't wait to be a millionaire!woooohoo!!!thank you to Johns team!!!

  • to John : very liberating rules. they offer a freedom to express yourself and be yourself as yourself without the
    shield we present to the world. A safe place if you will with no judgement.
    For those brave enough to try, for those that take that chance.
    Thanks , John. Yes, I will . Yes I am .
    I am claiming my plan in advance.
    I do want to say WOOHOO!!!! Textbook Money is Mine. It is slow going because my pockets aren't deep but I'm IN!!!
    i will get there ..... i will roll over that ROI. It will compound and this is the surest thing i have found in 2,5 years.
    Thank you for the payment plan that makes it doable and the number of days the plan was available.

  • These rules are not hard to follow I guess. I'm new to all of this ( Affiliate marketing) so much that I have to google meanings of certain words. Nonetheless, I'm glad to be a part of an inspiring team. Thanks John.

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