The $100 MBA Manifesto

  • Hey everyone, just thought I'd share this motivational affirmation to remind you of your power and potential :-)
    Keep hustlin! :dart:
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  • I LOVE it!

  • Thanks! @JohnCrestani Happy new year :-)

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    thats dope. thanks for sharing

  • @digitokash cheers, glad it helps :100: I keep it on my desktop :-)

  • Internet Jetset JV Group

    This is great! I'm onboard! Get at it!

  • There's a lot of truth to this.

    When I was coming out of undergrad, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I was told that prolonging the inevitable with a JD or an MBA would allot more opportunities.

    I was fortunate to garner a graduate assistantship that gave me practical consulting experience and helped offset the cost of my education.

    Ultimately though, another two years of business school is not what I needed.

    Sure, those pieces of paper can provide security...if you want to live at the whims of other people.

    However, we live in a day and age where there are no more gatekeepers.

    No one to tell you that you're not good enough.

    Or that you're not smart enough.

    Or that you didn't go to the right school.

    Or that you aren't wearing the right tie. (Yes, that actually happened to me in an interview for a capital markets position).

    I try not to bash higher education, however, I do volunteer my free time to work with my local high school's lacrosse team predominantly so that I'm able to challenge these young men to figure out exactly what they're doing in the next stage of their lives and the reason(s) why.

    I'd challenge anyone here to do the same in their community or online.

    Find young people and show them that the best investment that they can make is in their emotional, mental, and financial development. Positively change their lives, and repeat this action.

    That's what legacy truly encompasses in my estimation. I hope others will echo that sentiment.

  • @brooksbriz thanks for sharing your experience - I completely agree. The current school systems do not seem to prepare you for anything other than becoming an employee, and in many ways, universities have become cash cows. I love Tai's fee refund idea in this video:
    In addition to encouraging entrepreneurship, I think apprenticeships are often a better investment for businesses - and young people - than hiring inexperienced top graduates.

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