Looking for accountability Parners

  • I'm looking for accountability partners to assist in keeping each other focused and make sure we accomplish goals set out for the day, week, etc.. How it works is we talk abd brainstorm campaigns, ads, etc.. and we tell each other like " hey look, I'm going to start 3 cpa ads this week" and the partner then will hit me up via SKYPE, email or phone to ask me how the campaign is going, How am i optimizing etc... I would prefer someone else who is doing Facebook ads using CPA offers, but its not a deal breaker if not, I of course will do the same for the partner involved and this way we will both make sure we are not stagnated or just being lazy, inbox me asap bcuz i'm ready to go,

  • Thanks @rondellrandall

    Guys, you all are smart.... this right here is a FANTASTIC opportunity to work with others and help each other turn this 'business opportunity' into REAL lifetime/income freedom, so I suggest any of my students who are serious about making this work, you do something like this.

    As for how you guys organize things, I would suggest that for each accountability group you guys setup some ground rules, like in any organization.

    Are decisions made by an individual? By majority? or by consensus?

    Are there any standards/requirements set to the communication? ie. updates once a day, once a week, etc.

    Are there grounds for dismissal?

    In the affiliate mastermind groups that I was a part of when I was 'learning the ropes', they were usually just loose chats on Skype, run by an individual. They would evolve as time went on (after a month or two), and people would be kicked out of the chat for non-activity, or non-value adding if they remained as 'lurkers' for too long.

    I have ended up meeting with a lot of the people in my 'accountability groups' offline as well, bc we organized get-togethers at conferences, and have even visited each other for other things.

    I hope you guys take this seriously, and self-organize, since its one of the most powerful ways to make turn this into a fulltime gig.

  • I would like to be part of something also, I have seen some people start posts about this subject but then they dont not follow through when I messaged them. In that past I worked with one person on AM but I basically did all the work and they did not contribute. The big problem that I see in this business is execution. It is easy to sit at a desk all day and collect a salary like I do but there is no real future at where I work and I am 40 years old with no retirement money so, I would like to try to make something happen.

  • Beginners Accountability Report

    Hi @verde & @rondellrandall
    I'm a part of a small accountability group on slack. You are welcome to join us!
    Make sure you are on Slack and Johns Nutra group. And I will ad you to the group. Download the app then you can be us all the time!

  • Beginners Accountability Report

    Hi @verde
    I'm trying to add you but by the email you provided I can't find you. You sure you are in the nutra slack group?

  • @Willy-Enrione No I am not in the group.

  • @Willy-Enrione I added you to a slack group I started with other ppl

  • Yes I will join. @JohnCrestani. I literally just joined Internet Jetset, not even 3 mins ago and look forward to learning, applying and finally making some money!

  • @Willy-Enrione can u post a link bcuz I have no idea what Slack is. Ready and willing though

  • @rondellrandall what is your email?

  • Is in t too late to get involved?

  • @verde can you add me to this? It's ricky.r.rafiq@gmail.com

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