Looking for any feedback on my youtube channel. Thanks.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZcd7SDLKhtDwbHnaMl-Og
    I review aquariums and various supplies as well as books people in the hobby might want. Cheers for any feed back you guys give I promise it will be appreciated.

  • Hi Joseph, I'm also starting a YouTube channel "Neil Brown Reviews" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJvfBcE-6AhSSyMNGKmptA so i am only speaking from what I've heard along the way plus what I've heard at the weekly live training John does.
    Points in no particular order -

    • I often can't read your text in black, I do all white but many YT advice videos suggest other standout colours
    • some are hazy which makes you wonder what the video will be like but watching the video (bloodworms) the video quality is really good! Make sure the thumbnails do your videos justice.

    Titles and tags

    • the titles tell you what to expect once you're on your channel but I don't know how discoverable they are for what keywords you are targeting. You're tags you've used and potential keywords don't appear in the titles much. You identify the channel as an aquarium review channel but you don't have review in all your tags eg in feeding fish opinion but not the bloodworm one. I'm using the TubeBuddy add-in to help select tags and TubeBuddy is widely recommended.

    Channel artwork
    The large channel art looks nice to me but John C suggests that you should also indicate how often you will be posting.

    I couldn't see a welcome type video that would play for your new visitors or a channel description for them to read.

    See the recorded live training session of about two or three weeks ago in which John covered a lot about channel set up.

    Calls to action
    Although you have affiliate links in the description the video the two I watched throughdidn't have you asking people to subscribe although you did say you hoped we liked the video. In the supplies video you mentioned your affiliate links being below but you could have made positive comments about them and recommended the brands more directly.

    Keep up the channel content flow, great to have something up. Hope these thoughts from a newbie help. I'd value any comments you, or others, have on my channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJvfBcE-6AhSSyMNGKmptA

    Nigel ( a.k.a. Neil)

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