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  • So i signed up yesterday while sat thinking about John's story, and iv had a tgought that i hope some poeple will give feedback on.

    My thought is to tie the affilliate marketing into my wifes wedding planning business, and basically promote products to would-be brides/ grooms. I thought anything goes, from books to help plan, different quirky items to make their wedding different, to maybe even health related stuff such as weight loss/dieting stuff? I would really treat it as a secondary income revenue for the business at this stage.

    Does this sound like a resonable idea?

    thanks in advance!!

  • In order to be accepted into amazons program I need a Facebook fan page . I never built one unless it happens automatically. Where do I find the link on Facebook that I can use on Amazon so Amazon accepts me into their affiliate program? I have a regular Facebook account and I really never use it much ?

    Thanks in advance,
    John S

  • I love your idea. hey i am thinking anything is possible right? it does sound reasonable and creates a ton of convenience. I think if you package all within your business they will be happy to buy some of the other items they will need anyways, from your wife. you see?

    good luck!!

  • @johnsierra1 How are you !? okay. I found it very useful to go to youtube EVERYTIME I need to know something about this project, ANYTHING.
    go to youtube and type " how to build a fan page in Facebook " and you will get your answer.... you can also try " Where do I find the link on Facebook to put in amazon affiliate"

    here i found it for ya! how to build.
    here is the second one..
    To get the unique URL for your personal Facebook profile:
    Log into Facebook, then click on your name in the upper right part of the screen.
    Copy the Facebook Profile URL in the address bar of your browser.

    again best practice to go to youtube if you dont find it , then refine the wording you are using and try again. if not find it search in google,someone, somewhere ought to have your dang response to your dang issue. ha ha ha LOL.

  • @superlife


    Most questions can be answered via YouTube!

    Reach out using my links In my signature. (Y) :)

  • @DynamicDavid hey David I went to your site and liked it. did not see button to request friendship. Great project about your book. Congratulations!! and GREAT SUCCESS and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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