Independent Entrepreneur - Nutraceutical Healthy Drinks and Network Marketing

  • Can i post about this opportunity in the Forums about an Enterprise that is making Nutraceutica Drinks (Spanish word for Nutrition and Therapy) with ingredients of the rain forest Amazon using our ancestor's knowledge about functional mixes that improves our health. While giving the opportunity to generate Passive Income?

    This is literally bringing science and ancestral knowledge together. Some High quality ingredients used are Camu Camu, Tamarindo Malabar, Stevia, Acai Berry directly from the Amazons. It's about Nutritional Drink Mixes without any dangerous additions like sugar, aspartame, GMO, gluten, lactose, artificial preservatives and colorants.

    This is Replacing a BIG niche of consumers of diabetes, among other sickness, inducing drinks and giving the opportunity of having passive income over the progress of your own network marketing? You and everyone you know drinks coffee, smoothies, tea, soda, and juices every day. Just refer them to a healthy version and get profit!

    I mean, to whoever have read the books of Robert Kiyosaki: Business of the 21st Century, School of Business, and Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant will already know the power of Network Marketing.

    And i wondered... What if this can be combined with the Internet Digital Marketing?
    It already has an automated system to build up your clients/affiliates list giving the possibility to automate your income.

    I really want to find co-workers over the internet about this, since i have problem trying to find people physically. It's hard to connect when you may have Asperger Syndrome and making friends is not that easy (talking about myself, that's why the internet is my second home) .

    It can work in any of these countries:

    Peru, United States, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Republica Dominicana, Chile, Argentina, España, Brasil, El Salvador

    Can i give more information about what this is or it's against the forums rules?

    Anyone Interested, write me back.

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