LOOKING FOR A PARTNER: Create a B2B Strategy (german mechanical engineer)

  • Hey guys,
    a partner of mine is one of a few top german specialists when it comes to mechanical engineering. He asked me to carry out a marketing campagn for his screening technology/ screening machines. (range from 60-100k €)
    Since he has helped me a lot and is a really nice guy I'd like to give back to him and I think this could be an interesting job for some of you.

    Imagine we'd have unlimited funds. What would you suggest him as a inbound marketing strategy?
    His target group are business owners from all around the world who have the demand of
    screening technology and screening machines.

    Here are my thoughts:

    • Webpage only for the screening machines (his website is a dinosaur and sells all kinds of stuff)
    • Free consultation via skype/ telephone
    • Short video about the companies mission (edited with stock video & own material)
    • Blog-post, "Consider buying a screening machine? Here are 10 important things to keep in mind"

    • Other blog posts

    • Simple distribution on several B2B-platforms.

    • Advertorial e.g. : "German screening machines are still No #1 in the world"

    • ,Ads (google, fb but especially Linkedin) targetting CEOs of and engineering-related companies

    What are your thoughts? Who can help or knows somebody? THX

  • Hi there,
    Does your friend have the patent and own the Intellectual Property on the technology?

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I work with professional engineers in my 9 to 5. I would suggest targeting them on LinkedIn. Your friend should also build a good LinkedIn profile with informational and engaging content posted regularly... as well as start a LinkedIn group around his specialty i.e., Screening Technology. This will help him build his perception as an authority on the matter as well as build his following and network with those who are interested in this stuff. Chances are, with high-ticket offers in the $60k-100k range, you will rely on referrals and this is a good way to do so.

    I have some notes that i took from a webinar hosted by a LinkedIn specialist that I can dig up for yo if y ou are interested.

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