WANTED: Media Buyer, Mobile Media Buyer or similar

  • JOB WANTED: Media Buyer, Mobile Media Buyer or similar

    Maximized sales, user subscriptions, installations and lead generation through buying mobile and desktop traffic with minimized overall costs via campaign optimization. Sought out potential advertising networks via market research, LinkedIn and connections from
    past work experience Found top offers through various affiliate networks – Appflood, Yeahmobi, Mobvista, Yep
    ad, F5 and etc; maintain good relationship with affiliate managers with the goal of getting
    insider information first hand. Negotiate higher payout with affiliate managers and used
    aggressive creative methods for promoting their offers in order to reach maximum profit.
    -Took ownership of online marketing campaigns from planning to execution:
    Organize, develop, execute, track and analyze metrics to improve campaign ROI. Testing
    offers as well as traffic sources – Popads, Juicyads, AdCash, Exoclicks, Zeropark and etc.

    • Direct responsibilities for monitoring Web/Mobile traffic, conversions and ROI for all digital
      online acquisition programs through rigorous campaign planning and implementation, A/B and
      multivariable testing, budget management, performance review, optimization and analysis.
    • Research and keep up to date on creative ideas that are used in the media. Brainstorm ideas
      on new ways to promote various offers, create and test landing pages to maximize conversion
      and profit.
    • Evaluate new emerging media or technologies and make recommendations for their
      applications. Review new online marketing trends and keep the company at the forefront of
      developments in digital marketing.
    • Lead and guide team members with a variety of knowledge regarding the industry, provide
      opinions to assist their campaign management and assist them in reaching decisions.
      Account Manager/Business Development
      Recruitment of new affiliate networks and management of existing ones with an orientation
      towards negotiation, growth, and optimization of accounts:
    • Constantly sought out potential affiliate networks via market research and LinkedIn. Initiated
      conversations with the goal of starting new partnership at the earliest opportunity.
    • Attended regional trade shows to meet with prospective networks with the goal of
      establishing new partnerships. Meeting with existing networks to strengthen existing ties and
      to discuss and discover new methods to increase sales volumes.
    • Negotiated terms and conditions on contracts with prospective networks to ensure the
      contracts were fair and sound and not biased towards either party.
    • Assigned newly recruited networks to teammates and facilitated the relationship with the goal
      that these networks could pick up our offers as soon as possible and bring us higher sales
    • Reviewed all existing networks monthly, analyzed under-performing networks on past and
      current results, discussed with account manager from both sides to find ways to improve the
      situation. If all attempts at improvement failed, terminated contract.
    • Monitored and analyzed own managed affiliate networks with the goal of maximizing their
      performance. Daily communication with networks to persuade them that they definitely should
      run our offers.
    • Developed new ideas and listened to feedback from networks and communications from our
      Country Team, Design Team and IT Team with the goal of opening up new highly profitable
      markets in new countries using better conversion offers with fast and easier subscription flow
      on offers.
    • Managed expectations of networks when Shortcodes were suspended or when there was
      connectivity failure. Avoid reimbursement at all cost from our end.
    • Discussed and followed up on reimbursement when we caught networks violating our terms
      and conditions. Ensured this will be followed up thorough the money that will be paid to us.

    Interested employers should contact me for more details Arikka@3littlebirdsinteractive.com. Resume available to 3 Little Birds' clients upon request!

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